With so many traders in the industry, how do you beat the market?

With a winning mix of data, software and on-the-ground support, ViewPoint combines responsive design, real time market data and access to 130+ markets for a seamless digital trading experience. Web-based and co-designed with industry traders, this robust multi-asset, multi-market software delivers everything needed to trade smarter.

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Seamless digital trading

  • Global - multi-asset and global trading capabilities with access to over 130 different markets
  • Flexible - a single web interface for various trading needs
  • Current - updated every three weeks to ensure you have the most up-to-date software available
  • Time-efficient - everything you need to perform trades and analysis without re-keying data
  • Easy to use - clear design, simple navigation, no downloads and compatible with Mac OS and PC.

ViewPoint has been built with investors in mind and is easy to use.

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FAQs about ViewPoint?

Our fact sheet includes everything you need to know.