Support Desk vs Account Managers for troubleshooting

Who you gonna call?

While there may have been only one contact number for Ghostbusters, you have access to both the Iress Support Desk and your Account Manager.

Can’t they assist with the same things? It may seem like they carry out very similar roles, but they deliver two different services, both beneficial to your business and your Iress software. To help determine the difference between them we have put together the following guide.

When should I contact the Support Desk?

From time to time, unfortunately, problems can arise and you may need some help. The overriding philosophy is to call the Iress Support Desk when something has gone wrong with Iress Pro or data feeds, such as:

  • A data feed isn’t updating
  • You cannot log in
  • You need to reset your password
  • You need assistance with an installation

For issues like those mentioned above, you’ll receive the best and quickest support if you create a support ticket by:

A support ticket will automatically be created with a unique ISC number. Details of your support ticket will be emailed to you for future reference.

When contacting the Iress Support Desk, please have the following handy:

  • Details of the issue, plus the date and time of occurrence.
  • ISC number (If you have logged a case and want an update)

In some cases, we may need to connect to your computer to troubleshoot. The Iress Support Desk team will only access your computer with your permission.

Please note, the Iress Support Desk is not equipped as a training team and is unable to provide full overviews of modules or tools. If you are using your software for the first time, our recommendation is to access the following resources:

  • Live online training sessions
  • Recorded training webinars

When should I contact my account manager?

Your account manager is responsible for ensuring that you get the most value from your Iress Pro software and market data feeds—they can help you with:

  • Product demos
  • Product training
  • Quotes and proposals
  • Billing queries
  • Addition and deletion of users

Your account manager is also able to recommend software, licensing and modules for your business requirements.

However, it’s not completely up to you to contact them—your account manager will proactively and periodically engage with you to ensure your software is helping your business operate effectively.

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