Gender diversity measurable objectives

Iress Limited (Iress) is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is subject to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

The Principles and Recommendations require listed entities to establish measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity and to report on progress towards achieving these in its Annual Report or Corporate Governance Statement.

In addition, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s Employer of Choice criteria (WGEA EOCGE) requires Iress’ Gender Equality strategy to have clear objectives and measures, which must be evaluated on a regular basis.

The measurable objectives adopted by the Board in February 2021 are set out below.

1. Promoting diversity within Iress

Improving our gender workforce composition globally.

2021 objective

Iress adopts a three year objective to increase female representation across Iress to 40% against its current population of 35% by December 2024.

2. Attracting diverse talent

In 2020, Iress made progress in its hiring practices to reduce bias using virtual tools to support the changing world of recruitment. In 2021, Iress aims to make a more focused effort to ensure these changes create change in the diversity of its workforce.

2021 objective

Target 40% female candidate representation for leadership role recruitment processes.

3. Ensure there continues to be no gender bias in remuneration practices.

Iress’ objective is to continue to ensure that there is no remuneration disparity or bias in our remuneration policies and processes, ensuring people are fairly and consistently rewarded. In implementing such policies and processes, Iress aims to maintain pay equity for like-for-like roles and performance.

2021 objective

Undertaking annual role-by-role remuneration reviews (by country) to ensure role gender remuneration parity.4. Establish Iress as Diversity and Inclusion Leader.

4. Establish Iress as Diversity and Inclusion Leader.

Employer of Choice recognition demonstrates an organisation which has an active commitment to achieving gender equality.

2021 objective

Maintain WGEA employer of choice status.

Maintain ‘Endorsed Employer’ status with Work180 in both the UK and Australia

Continue to partner in the Tech Talent Charter and Women in Finance charter in the UK.