Our commitment to diversity

We understand that our people are our greatest asset and we recognise and respect that each person is unique. We also acknowledge that diversity makes Iress stronger by promoting a breadth of ideas, experience, and talent, and therefore creating a successful, stimulating and innovative workplace.

Our commitment to diversity is simple – we want to create and maintain a workplace where our people can achieve their best, regardless of individual differences: gender, physical attributes, family status, sexual orientation, age, race, origin, ethnicity, religious beliefs or ideology.

What is Iress' current approach to diversity?

Diversity considerations are embedded in key decision making processes. Programs and procedures are in place to ensure this occurs to help drive our culture and commitment to diversity. These programs and policies include:

  • Recruitment and Selection – Our recruitment and selection processes are appropriately structured so that a diverse range of candidates are considered for available positions or promotions (including Board appointments). We are committed to identifying, supporting and developing talented employees and candidates through our attraction processes. These processes are applied consistently and fairly to eliminate any real or perceived bias that could have the potential to discriminate against certain candidates or employees.
  • Cultural and Religious Recognition – We take appropriate steps to accommodate national, religious or cultural practices whether related to celebrations, holidays, clothing or other requirements.
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct – We believe in doing things the right way, and that includes acting honestly and with high standards of integrity and fairness. These professional standards are reflected in our Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy. Moreover, we evaluate individual performance against behavioural objectives as well as commercial goals.
  • Grievance, Whistleblowing and Workplace Conduct (Equal Opportunities) Policies – We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and inclusive culture and environment for our people and others with whom we interact. Any behaviour that discriminates, harasses, bullies or victimises people is not tolerated. We have appropriate policies and procedures in place to eliminate unacceptable workplace conduct. We are committed to protecting and supporting employees who raise genuine complaints under our Whistleblowing Policy and we facilitate reporting and where appropriate enforcement through our Disciplinary Policy and process.
  • Leave Policies – We recognise that, over time, people’s career and life stages may change. A range of leave options are available to support and retain our people through that change and help them to manage their changing circumstances. These include: parental leave, dependency/personal leave, unpaid leave and sabbaticals.

  • Flexible Working Arrangements – As an extension to our flexible leave policies, we provide flexible working arrangements which allow our people to adapt their work conditions to their circumstances. Our flexible working arrangements recognise that our people may have domestic or other responsibilities. These arrangements provide a way of assisting individuals to meeting their non-work related responsibilities. Where operationally possible to accommodate flexible working requests and there is no negative impact on the business or role requirement, agreement is given.

Gender diversity for board membership

As observed above, promoting diversity at all levels contributes to our overall success.

We understand that a diverse Board, with different perspectives and experiences and genders, will remain relevant, competitive and productive.

We have set an objective to maintain a minimum 30% female representation on its Board, as recommended by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

We manage this objective by periodically assessing the diversity of the Board, in terms of gender, talent and experience, and determining the extent to which membership of the Board fulfils that objective. In circumstances where the female representation on its Board falls below 30%, we will endeavour to restore that target within 24 months.

Iress' measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity

We are a listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is subject to the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations

These Principles and Recommendations encourage diversity generally but focus on gender diversity, recommending that listed entities set measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity and annually assess both those objectives and the entity’s progress to achieving them.

Each year, the Board will establish measurable objectives for gender diversity. We believe that setting measurable objectives will help us to maintain its excellent track record with respect to gender diversity. These objectives are published on our website.

The Board assesses these measurable objectives annually, as well as our progress to achieving them. Following the end of each reporting period, we disclose progress to achieving the measurable objectives in accordance with this policy