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An overview of the dashboard
> Watch now (2:54 mins) 

Creating a new client
> Watch now (3:34 mins) 

How to create a new password, update user
credentials & security questions
> Watch now (1:14 mins) 


Mortgage sourcing

Create a Mortgage requirement & illustration
> Watch now (11:35 mins)

How to use Mortgage sourcing filters 
> Watch now (1:55 mins)

An overview of second charge sourcing
>Watch now (8:10 mins)

Creating a Mortgage Suitability letter
(with Advice module)
> Watch now (5:07 mins)


Protection sourcing

How to create a Protection requirement
and illustration
> Watch Now (11:35 mins)

Creating a Protection Demands and Needs letter
(with Advice module)
> Watch now (5:40 mins)



Creating a case from existing requirements
> Watch now (4:31 mins)

An overview of tasks, notes and diary entries
> Watch now (5:51 mins)

How to complete & print a fact find
> Watch now (22:02 mins)

Creating a Protection Demands & Needs letter
(with Protection sourcing)
> Watch now (5:39 mins) 

Creating a Mortgage Suitability letter 
(with Mortgage sourcing module)
> Watch now (5:06 mins)



A playlist of films covering the CRM Module of IRESS XPLAN Mortgage. Included videos, report management outputs, user dashboard, managing leads & diary.

> Watch now (13 videos) 


An overview of Consumer Direct
> Watch now (4:13 mins)

An overview of Eligibility
> Watch now (2:43 mins)



XPLAN Mortgage training video playlist

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