"We need to step out, move back in and ask what’s possible"

Executive life coach Jason Bernic talks human potential and performance in financial services.

Everyone needs more Jason Bernic in their lives.

The executive life coach and director of Success Coaching is a certified financial planner who is now coaching other independent financial planners ‘to take their businesses to the next level’. And when he’s not doing that, he’s helping them grow through his Insane! Prospecting services.

If that wasn’t enough, he also finds the time to create and produce The Life Coach cartoon “just for fun”.

No surprise really for someone who helps busy executives find more time in their day to be high achievers and become their best-ever selves.

“I work with the kind of high-end, successful financial planners that have reached a point and are looking to see what’s next. Whether it’s with a business owner, a financial planner or an executive team, coaching is about helping people create capacity to be self-generating and self-correcting. It’s very much about human potential and performance.”

One of Jason's cartoons www.successcoaching.co.za/lifecoachcartoon

What made him take the leap from being a financial planner to coaching them?

“My first introduction to coaching was working for an international wealth management business in South Africa. It had a coaching culture and I saw the effect and positive impact on what coaching did for us in the business and in how we showed up with our clients. I had the opportunity to join a boutique asset management business that was doing some incredible things and serving independent financial planners in ways that very few other businesses were. They were bringing in financial planners and wealth managers with a successful history and teaching them to be coaches. So they taught me to be coach and I fell in love with coaching. I started success coaching on the side and then made the jump to running my own coaching business.”

And it would seem the two worlds aren’t all that different.

“There's a big alignment between financial planning and coaching. They go into the depth of what people want and search for this North Star. They have conversations so powerful with their clients that they can bring them to tears. Good financial planners follow a coaching approach with their clients. They’ll say: this is where you are, this is where you want to be and ask what is possible? Financial planners and financial planning business owners also need to take a moment to step out and move back into their business and ask what's possible, because that's where the growth will happen.”

So what potential does he see in the financial services industry?

“I am inspired by so many of my clients. A lot of financial planners and financial planning businesses have done amazing things and are moving at a pace. There’s been a lot of change over the years and I’ve seen the effects it’s had on the profession and its people. It’s sped thing up, it’s slowed things down but at the same time, I think the industry is trying to professionalise itself - it’s hanging on to what it has and trying to make it better.”


On the Upfront podcast (listen in full here), we got Jason to give his quick-fire responses to some of financial planners’ top challenges. Here goes:


If prospecting is a challenge, go take a course or go read a book. But whatever you do, whatever learning you take on, you’ve got to put it into action.

Taking your business to the next level

Work with consultants. Get a coach, get people to work with you in and on your business.

Making connections

Practise being good with people. When you’re standing next to someone at the fridge in a supermarket, say hello and connect with them. Take an interest, be curious, ask them questions, have the most powerful conversation with them they've ever had so that they never forget you.

Managing the work/life balance

Plan your life first and your profession. Your job and your business must fall in around that because if you don't have a life outside of business, it'll be more difficult for you to run your business. You won't be in the right frame of mind and you won't have the right amount of energy.

Personal and professional growth

Financial planners plan for their clients but they also need to plan for themselves, their personal goals, their business goals and their financial goals. You’re not going to grow as a human being or as a professional unless you have your own goals and plan toward those goals. 


Need a quick motivation boost? Try Jason’s easy visualisation techniques. 

1. Remember how awesome you are

Look back over the last five years, maybe even ten years, but five years is a nice number, and just look at all the awesome shit that you've done. Whether you remember or believe it or not, you've done a lot of great stuff. You have wins, you've made a difference, you've changed people's lives, even if it was tiny. Remembering how awesome you are can be a foundation for supporting you to move forward. 

2. Picture it

Picture the version of yourself that you want to be. It could be confidence. It could be the world around you. It could be the clients that you work with. Picture the version of yourself that you want to be in as many aspects, in as many themes as you can think of and picture how that person shows up in the financial planning context with their or your ideal clients. Picture it. Do a virtual walkthrough in your own futuristic brain. So now you've got all these wins and you've got this is who I want to be and this is what it feels like and looks like as I've visualised moving through it. What a great grounding to move forward. 

Tune in to episode five of the Upfront podcast for more motivational advice from Jason to help you get ahead and be your best.

What I love about financial services

I love that financial planners represent a profession where they can truly make dreams come true. Everything costs money. Living somewhere, creating something. Drinking more wine, eating more prawns. You know, it all costs money. You can put it in the plan. And if it's in the plan, you can develop a strategy and take action toward achieving it. So what I love about it is that financial planners can absolutely help their clients to make their dreams come true.

Jason Bernic - Success Coach