Aug 10, 2022

Hulk Smash

How can financial services businesses find their superpower?

Being a successful financial services business takes almost superhuman powers. You need the super speed of Flash to innovate and get products and services to market faster. Hulk’s exponential strength to handle the regulation that’s thrown at you. The elastic resilience of Mister Fantastic in the face of constant disruption and change. And the agility of Spider-Man to exceed consumer expectations. Not to mention an Alfred or Q by your side to help you keep up with technology. If it’s all starting to feel like mission impossible, we’re here to save the day. So, Upfront listeners assemble as we ask:

How can financial services find their superpower?

John Winters, the co-founder and CEO of the leading Australian investment platform Superhero, joins comedian Olga Koch to talk risk, resilience, innovation and building a business people love. 

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