Aug 24, 2022

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How can we make financial services more inclusive?

It’s estimated that globally, almost a third of the adult population lacks access to financial services. That’s a lot of people missing out on all the good the industry can do. And it could be doing so much good - better access to financial services would help more people out of poverty, improve health and wellbeing, education and help address gender equality. Fintech is helping make financial services more affordable and easier to access, but is it also creating new barriers where old ones have been torn down? Governments want a solution to the financial inclusion problem, but what exactly is the solution? In this episode, we ask the Upfront question:

How can financial services be more inclusive?

Answering that is researcher, policy adviser and professor of fintech Dr Karen Elliott, who joins comedian Olga Koch for a frank talk about building accessible, ethical and inclusive financial services that more people can love.

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